It was nice to see some old faces. As I received my keys for my room, I saw a woman who had on some sharp shoes that I had wanted to purchase for the longest time. She was tall as hell, and built like a stallion. I straightened up a little, like my mother always told me to do.  I put my chest out and stand up straight with your stomach held in. Since we were walking towards the elevators, I complimented her on the shoes. She was happy about the compliment then shouted out my name. I looked at her wondering how I knew her. Honestly, I am terrible with names and I am quick to say, “Hey girl or boy” to anyone. “Maya, Maya, It’s me,” the stranger said. I know I am not good with names, but her face wasn’t coming up in my memory. “It’s Sean, well, Sandra now,” she yelled. Wow, Sean looks good as a woman. He looked good as a man. I was shocked, but all I could do was smile. “Maya, I have so much to tell you,” she said. I kept smiling, but I was telling myself, Monica is going to be either happy or pissed.  

From Chaos "Or" Crazy

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