My Expression on life: Moving

Moving! It's a part of life. You move out of your parents house(some) when you leave to start your life. I remember in 1994, I moved away for college and it was the coolest thing to me. I didn't have rules, but I knew I didn't want to come back home, so I had enough to keep me there the entire 4 years in a half. It was exciting. However the excitement ended as I got older and tired of packing up and unpacking my things.

My most recent move was back home to Ohio in 2014, I tried for the longest to stay away, but fate brought me back due to nothing career wise was happening to me in the South and I was in a good relationship with a man that actually live in Cleveland. I didn't move quickly to Cleveland because I'm kind of old fashion and I don't like living with a man with a different last name as mine. So I lived back with the parents for a year before traveling towards the Great Lakes.

However, this move was different than all of them, I didn't really wanted to move to Cleveland. Don't get me wrong, I only been to Cleveland twice or three times in my entire life and my boyfriend having me watch the First 48 episodes wasn't a good selling point either. However, I got to learn the city and it's people and it's good.

I know that all places has it's good and bad, but it's how you see it. It's good was being in a wonderful relationship, publishing my books and being closer to my parents. The bad is missing my friends and other family members down South,now dealing with 4 seasons and another blog subject that will be posted later. LoL

However, wherever life takes you, you have to move.If it's moving to the other side of the world or the house, movement has to take place.Just be willing to take the good and bad in the process. Blessing.

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