My Expression on Life: Alone and Lonely

When I think of Alone, I think about the movie when that kid was left behind by his family for Christmas. He was happy in the beginning and was having an awesome time by himself. However, over time, he became lonely. The fun was ending and he wanted his family back. So, Alone and Lonely are the same right. Nope and Yes.

Now, if you are looking for me to give you the definition of both words, I will tell you what my mother told me for years prior to smartphones, tablets or computers, Look it up! My definition is more on common sense. I can be alone and lonely or vice versa. For example, you can be in a relationship with a person and not be lonely, but alone. Some of you got it, but I will break it down further. You can be with someone day in and out, but be alone because they can not satisfying your needs. Not always sexually, but emotionally or spiritually.

For the other way, you can be alone like single, but lonely because you are in a new town with no family or friends and you are scared to get out and meet new people. I have been on both point ends of the spectrum. Some by choice and others by life situations. No one wants to experience any of them, but you have to because it's a part of life. I'm not saying it's the part everyone likes because it sucks. However, it's makes us aware of our own strengths too.

Both are by choice. Yes, we have a choice to be alone or lonely. Now, the promising things is we don't have to choose it. Now, if you decided to be alone, don't get mad because that was what you wanted. Alone didn't have to be bad. After my divorce, I chose to be alone because I didn't want to be bothered or quickly enter back into a new relationship . I needed time to myself to learn myself. It was a wake up call, but once I was ready for someone, it was OK. Now, the downside is when you have been alone for a while, you have to make the decision if you want to stop being alone. Honestly, I do have my moments because I love quietness. Still it's my choice. Now with loneliness, that is also a choice, sometimes. When I moved to Cleveland, I realized that I had no friends or family around me at all. So, I was lonely. Although, I Skype and call my friends, it's not the same. It's hard to find new friends especially as we get older and become more homebody. This is a choice for me too. I know it time, it will get better, but for now, it's a work in process.

Now class, I have now taught you the difference between alone and lonely. You can now use it. Don't get confused! All is by choice. Know that at the end of the movie the mother came home and he was not alone or lonely anymore until the next movie. So until then, go out and discovery! Blessings.

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