My Expression on Life: Trials

Day in and out, we all are going through something. It could be singleness, unemployment, not enough money, people that don't like you, and etc. The list could be the entire blog, however, trials are a part of life. It's the not the best part or even something you want to be a part of period, but they are here. Just looking at life, you have the good and the bad. Sometimes,the bad can be more than the good which makes you feel like, is it me? Did Karma, God, Buddha or other other spiritual influences destroy the opportunity of having good vibes in your life.

Honestly, I don't know. If I did have the answer, I probably wouldn't be here telling you myself. I would sell it and become a multi millionaire with commercials running 24/7. Nope, I'm here writing this blog. Now, what I can tell you is trials are learning tools to get you to the next hump in life. I know you are saying, "Is there a positive saying coming." Yes, it is! You hear, "You test is your testimony!" Some people are excited about this saying; while other don't even want to hear it. I don't know why we go through them. For me, some were by choice and others outside of my own control. I think it not about what you go through, but how you act while you are going through it.

I'm currently experiencing some trials myself as I'm typing this blog right now. I could be crying myself to death, or balled up in a fetal position. But what is that going to do? Nothing! I wish things were getting better in my life, but I'm using this window to encourage others that you are not alone. I'm financial struggling with family and friends outside of arms reach. I'm alone,but not lonely. I'm still adjusting to a new city and etc. Again, I could fill up the entire blog with my own trials, but what would that accomplished? For one thing, everyone would stop reading my blog because you would think "Damn, she depressing." I'm actually laugh when I typed this. But, I choose to encourage others and stay positive through my trials because it will not last forever.

Yes, all trials have an expiration date. We don't know when, where and how it will stop. But know it will stop on time. Don't give up or surrender to the moment. Keep your head up! There's a reason for everything you are going through, even if it doesn't make sense at the time. Here is a great example,the movie Forest Gump . You saw him sitting on a bench telling others about his trials and triumphs. So to end this blog with a corny saying, "Look at your trials at future dated triumphs!" I like that! Blessings!

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