I Got to Vent!!!!! About what?: Communications

Yes! It's about that time! The Vent room is open for business. LOL I believe that people should have a place to vent. My topic that I'm venting about is communications. What happened to people putting words and phases together that make sense. I remember songs that you could understand what the singer was singing about. Now, it's some words and a weird sound with it. WTF!? No more words, now it's images. Instead of telling people "I'm happy" our lazy selves can instantly put a picture up. Is there a picture for Stupid. The sad thing is it probably is one.

Growing up, my father taught me to look into a person face when you are talking to them. No, people's neck are crock down because they will actually send you a text when they are standing right in front of you. For real! It's becoming an issues to open your mouth! OMG! Our ancestors would look at our current dictionary and wonder what type of species speaks this language. Even in relationships, we can't communicate how we feel in person, but we can text a dissertation on what couldn't come out of our mouths. Come ON!

Yes, I text, but not well. Majority of the time, I have to actually talk to the person because they are texting faster than I can respond. I love to talk when I have to than when I want to. Communicating is more than words. It's actions and emotional involvement. It's a complete package. My fear is that one day, we will stop talking and expressing anything, but have an emoji come out of the top of our forehead speaking for us. That's scary as hell to think about.

Please communicate with your words, people. My parents paid a lot of money and I did too to be educated. Don't be afraid to know what a noun, verb or to conjugate words. Put don't the smartphones and show that you can be smarter than a phone. Talk!

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