A week event: My views on men and women relationships - only "That's Natalie" can say.

Yes, I'm coming out and shouting about how I feel on men and women relationships levels: Singleness, Dating, Marriage, Divorce, Re-Dating and Healthy/Unhealthy Relationships. Now, I will make one thing clear; this is all my opinions from my past experiences. I am not going to disrespect or belittle any person or sex. However, I'm going to be very honest because the truth will always set you free.

To me, it's amazing how you see on Facebook, Twitter, Chat links and etc, how men and women talk about each other. I know why there are more singles than couples, but I will tell you this later because I have to keep the suspense flowing. I'm not a doctor, but I had two grandmothers, one mother and father and a host of men and women friends. That means I listen and observe what is going on. Plus, I experienced enough to give my advice or opinion if someone is willing to listen.

Everyone deserves love, if they want it. It's not easy, but it's a part of living. Love is life.

So sit back and relax. I'm going to bring it on like Donkey Kong! Blessings

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