What's going on: My view on life matters!

Due to the recent shooting events, I will start my relationship blog next week. Out of respect for life, I wanted to post this blog with a honest opinion.

As a black woman, I have two things against me: My race and my gender. I could look at this as a negative, but both have been challenges I have over came. When you have two inferior tags placed on you since birth, it makes you realize the strength given to survive in this society. The funny thing was I didn't know who or what I was until someone called me the "N" word in third grade.

When I approached my teacher and asked her what the "N" word meant, she quickly took the boy out of the classroom for the rest of the day. That night when I told my parents what was said, their faces grew in hurt and anger that I had to experience something so awful at a young age.

Now, that happened in the 80's when I was exposed to it. 30 years later, black women and men are being killed by the police more than necessary. The sad thing is this action had been happening prior to these most recent events. The only difference is now we can push record right then and there. I could put the race card down because I have experienced people staring at me wondering why I'm I here or clinging on to their purses a little tighter. Those individuals who are no longer with us, regardless of their situation was killed from by men who are here to protect and serve.

Now, on the other side, my father and uncle worked for the police force and correction center where I grew up. I knew a lot of good men and women that wanted to protect and serve their community. They wanted to make our city better and safer for the citizens living there. So, I'm torn. Because not every police men or women is bad or black men or women are criminals.

However, it only takes a few to give both sides a bad name. Lives suffer across the board. The one who's killed family suffers. The one who pulls the trigger life suffers as well. Suffering touches everyone including the community as a whole. I want to have a child, but it scares the hell out of me that I could raise my son or daughter to be an upright citizen and still could be killed or hurt due to their color.

Regardless of my multiple degrees, work experiences, and fluent speaking, I am a black woman in a society that is anger and ready to shot before asking questions. Everyone need to realize that lives as a whole matters. It hurts that people with guns can be the judge, juror and executioner in the same breath. We all need to wake up and see that if this doesn't stop, it's only going to get worse.

All races wants this anger to stop. Black lives matters, Blue lives matters, Brown lives matters, white lives matters, children lives matters, women lives matters, men lives matters, LGBT lives matters and etc.

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