"That's Natalie" view on Singleness

I feel that there is nothing wrong with being Single. We all have been single at one point in our life. It wasn't until I was 12 that I started to like boys. However, due to my height, the boys were short and afraid of me. I always had a guy in my life since High School, College, Marriage and Divorce. Being single wasn't utilized in the early stage of my life. I always had someone, regardless if I like them or not. I didn't want to be single until I decided it was time. After my divorce, I begin to learn what it really was, Growth.

Men and women look at Singleness as a curse or something that is wrong with themselves. What makes it worse is when other people start to point it out to you. I used to hate the question, "Why are you single?" The first thing that majority of people would answer, "I don't know." Honestly, you do. Now, some people may get upset about what I'm about to say and that's fine, but I don't care. The truth is what everyone wants, but can't take. Now, Singleness is not bad. In my singleness, I learned who I was and what I wanted. A man or woman will not make you happy if you are not happy with yourself. Let me repeat: HAPPINESS COMES FROM YOU AND NOT SOMEONE ELSE.

Singleness is time for you to discover yourself. To love you and enjoy you. Because we forget that once we are in a relationship, your time will be taking for the other person. It's funny because when you are at the threshold of being truly happy and at peace with being single, someone always come along. I personally experience it. I remember when my uncle asked me when I was going to get back into a relationship and I said, "God knows more than me and I will worry about it when it comes." I actually embraced my singleness. I brought myself flowers, enjoyed my friends and time to myself. I even got rid of guys that act like they wanted to be with me. Shit, I wasn't going to waste anymore time. I was even OK if I didn't have another relationship again. Once I put that in the atmosphere, about nine months later, I met my man. I wasn't looking for him, but he came.

Because of singleness, I can enjoy my current relationship because I know what I want. I have even told him that he was a part of my happiness and not the main reason. I can communicate better and enjoy time with or without him. Singleness is a preparation of what you want, being happy with yourself and loving who you are. If you can realistically say, " I'm happy single," then you are ready for the next level whenever it comes. The worse thing you can do is force yourself into something you are not ready to have. Singleness is what you make it. You can embrace it or make it a living hell. However you choose know that it's a true reflection if you are ready for a relationship or not.

Also, you can take my mother's advice, it's you are lonely, get a pet.

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