"That's Natalie!" view on Dating

Dating is the next step in the the relationship process. Sometimes, it's not the best, but it's a start. Now, when it comes to dating you have to look at it as an introduction. Dating is not hard, but some people make it difficult than it seems. When going on a date, just relax and enjoy the moment. Don't already have your wedding planned out when he or she comes to the door. That's crazy and scary.

In my experience, I enjoyed the time out and free food. My first true date was in college. A guy asked me out, I waited for him and he stood me up. It hurt, but I look at it as a positive. If a guy or girl is a no show, that's fine keep going. As I went on my next date, I had no expectations. My main goal was enjoy myself, get some free food and see how the guy treated me. Hey, I was in college. Everyone is broke and happy to get a free meal in college. I realized that it was cool to go out with a guy with no intentions. It allowed me to have a good time and not worry about expectations.

Now, I don't want to fast forward to dating after a divorce yet because that's a total different topic. Back to the innocence of dating. Now, if a guy ask a woman out, that's a start. It's not the start to see what your children will look like or if he or she is good in bed. It's dinner and a movie. In my opinion, there are three things you show look for. 1st, if she is crazy, 2nd, if he is crazy and 3rd, if they seem crazy. I'm very serious. Crazy has no discrimination. The last thing you want to do it go out with someone and the next day they are calling or texting you like crazy and all you did was say "Hello." Actually take the time and see who you are going out with. A lot of times, I would talk to them over the phone or in person for a while before going out on a date. The worst thing you can do is rush out on a date with a strangler. If it comes down to it, drive yourself to the date. Also, as a woman, please ladies and gentlemen, don't have sex on the first date. I may be old fashion, but the last thing you want to do is have sex with CRAZY!

So to end this dating for beginners keep in mind that it's an opportunity to get to know someone. If you find that right person in the first date, great. If you have to date a lot, that's fine too. Just enjoy the company and atmosphere it brings and watch out for crazy!

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