"That's Natalie!" on Marriage

The ultimate level of relationship: Marriage! Marriage is a beautiful experience with the right person and hell with the wrong one. I was married for 4 years to the wrong man. I'm not upset anymore because I forgave everything he did to me. However, I will tell any women or men to heed any warnings giving prior to the marriage. Now, I'm just going to breakdown the importance and truth of what marriage taught me.

Marriage is not a save all or cure all to keep a man or woman with you. To me, it's a commit between two people that regardless of how much they get on each others nerves, they will love one another unconditionally. Now, if the person is a liar, cheater, abusive or just a A**hole, please step away from any thought of marrying that person. Marriage doesn't change a person, it magnifies the good or bad things that they are already doing to you. For example, if they take care of you during the dating process, then they will continue to do so. The other example is that if they're crazy now, then they will be crazier later. You see how it increases. I don't want to discourage anyone's ability to change a person, but the only thing you can actually change successfully is your drawers.

I see that a lot of people are getting marry for the right and wrong reasons. If you decide that this person is the one you want to spend the rest of you life with, then ask yourself one question. Do you like them? My mother always told me that if you can like a person, your marriage will survive longer. She must know because next year, my parents will be celebrating 50 years of marriage. If you like them, regardless of them getting on your last nerve, you will remember and remain. Now, if you are marrying to keep a man/woman, fear of being alone or other negative reasons, then you are setting yourself up for failure. Marriage is continuous work that each individual is willing to make throughout the entire journey. It will have it's good or back days, but it's rewarding. Commitment is different now. People get tired of the others quicker and are ready to leave because of stupid reasons. Like them snoring to loud or she/he may gain weight, etc. My grandmother told me something so powerful years ago. She said, "One day, you will want someone to get you a glass of water." This simple saying explains that we are all going to get older and would like to have someone to love you enough to even satisfy your thirst. Go ahead Grandma!

In closing, Marriage is not a band aid to cover or cure a mess up relationship. That's a sign to get the hell out. Marriage is a wonderful agreement between a man and woman that is willing to continue to make each other better in all aspects of life. No ones perfect and you have to work to keep your marriage strong. Do whatever you need to do. From praying to laughing together, don't forget to continue to date one another. Also, the biggest thing is not to cheat. People think that the grass is greener on the other side. However, they are forgetting the hell of watering and pruning to keep everything going. Two reasons why I would never cheat. 1st, it's wrong and I have been cheated on. It's painful and you are putting the other person in possible danger. 2nd, I suck with names. So I would be found out on the first day because I would probably yell out the wrong name in a heart beat.

So remember that Marriage is a future drink of water from someone who wants to satisfy your basic needs.

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