Unemployment- Don't let it define you!

Unemployment has been a big topic going on since 2011. Since the job market is slowly trying to come back, a lot of people may have tried to judge others on reasons of why they became "unemployed". Some decided to resigned or just got fired. Now, this is for the others that just went to work and the company decided to let them go. This is for those that didn't see it coming.

I am one of those people. On 1/20/16, I went to work like any other day. However, before I went home, the 1:1 meeting I thought wasn't that. I remembered thinking it was a joke when they told me that the company was going to let me go. I went blank because I never been fired or let go from any company since I entered the workforce. It's funny becoming I was thinking of the awards and positive feedback I was getting from other employees and management. At that moment, I was confused. I never was late to work, always the team player, spoke up at meetings. In my eyes, I was the best employee I thought I could be. Well, I guess I was wrong.

The reason that I'm getting this out is to tell all people, if you are still unemployed or not, it should not define you. I did everything that society told me to do to become successful. I got my BS in Marketing and MBA in Human Resources Management. My school loan debt shows my knowledge! But, my degrees, work experiences and skills couldn't save me. I currently meet recruiters and interviewers for jobs with the same phase given to me, "Your resume is impressive." Regardless on how strong my resume is, it's just that, "impressive". A lot of you may feel over or under qualified and just apply to any job that will allow you to get pass impressing the people and get back to work.

I felt ashamed for while, but a new upcoming author gave me some words of encouragement. The word, "unemployment" should not define you. Her words made me realized that this is just a moment that will pass. We are all skilled in something. We are all gifted in something. Yes, I need a position to assist me with my basic needs, but it will not define me anymore. I will live life around work and not vice versa. If you can go back to school, do it. If you want to make a change in careers, make that change. Yes, we all need money to live, but maybe during this time of"unemployment" is a change in direction. I would never wish anything like this on anyone. However, if you're currently going through this moment, stay encouraged. For this to shall end.

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