"That's Natalie!" on God given talents and gifts. It's never too late!

I never thought I would publish a book or create a blog in my lifetime. This was something I always told myself I would like to do, but now I am living the dream. It's crazy how we go to school to acquire skills; instead of using the ones that were naturally ingrained in each of us. Fear can keep you from truly utilizing your gift, but this can be overcome by directions and believing in yourself.

Growing up, I had talents that still amaze me to this day. In grade school, I would cook chocolate chip cookie bars and sell them to the other kids for 50 or 75 cents. I would tell my parents that it was for a school project so I could keep all the money. Yes, I was a hustler in the 3rd grade. My parents finally realized what I was doing and stop buying my supplies. However, I realized that I had business skills at 8 year old. Even when I began to write, I did it because I had a speech problem in grade school. I stuttered and I was afraid to talk in class. Writing was the only way I could express myself without judgement. I started with poems and as I entered High School, I graduated to short stories. No one knew I wrote except my mom. I didn't want the praise because it was my private victory.

In time, I became an adult and like everyone, I wanted to do what made money. So, I buried my gifts and trained for a skill. We all buried our true gifts and talents from the world because maybe others or our own self feels that it may not be enough or realistic in our eyes. So we walk like zombies in our life. We wake up dreading to go to work and dealing with the life we created. However, if we are lucky, life brings up back around to using our gifts. This is when your life shifts from surviving to living. You feel like you have a purpose and not just existing.

In the awakening of your gifts, you will have haters. Yes, they can be a total stranger or someone close like a family member or friend. Don't worry about what they say because maybe they are scared because misery sure loves company. Never use your time or energy to explain anything to them. I learned in life that people hate for 2 reasons. The 1st reason is because they don't have a life. If they had one, they wouldn't have time to worry about yours. The 2nd reason is they could be jealousy or scared because they're stuck. Just ignore them, but be kind for kindness is always rewarded directly or indirectly.

We all have gifts and talents embedded in us. Take the time to discover or rediscover why you were created. Life is a journey. Allow yourself to learn your purpose so it can be utilized by one person or the world. Blessings.

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