"That's Natalie!" true meaning for when the bra comes off!

I saw a man on Facebook humorously explaining the meaning of what happens when a woman takes off her bra. I laughed at it because it was funny, but it came from his prospective. I do respect it,however, it's more to it. There's a deeper understanding and reason that only women know about taking the bra off.

The bra is the first article of clothing that you receive when becoming a woman. I use to hate it when a boy knew I had a bra on because they would try to snap your back with it. Then, you will start the ritual of going bra shopping with your mother which was some times a bonding or embarrassing experience. I remembered when my mother would argue with me about trying to get a smaller bra size than I truly was. Lastly, you have boys starting to notice you especially if you grew over the summer or didn't grow at all.

After we become women, the bra becomes more of a necessity. We have to put on difference types of bras: under wire, nursing, no-wire, strapless, sport, and the list can go on and on. Once we get home, we are able to remove the bra and be free from restriction. Bras restrict us. That's why when we take off our bras, the restriction is over and the day is done. I have literally got upset when I took off my bra from a long day, and my man wanted me to go somewhere with him.

In the 60's, there was a movement in burning the bra. You can Google it to get a better understanding, but women did it because of the restriction that the bra represented. Even to this day, it has the same meaning from almost over 50 years ago. Men, you need to understand that when the bra is off, please respect our time to recuperate from the day. Also, there will be days when we don't even want to put it on. That just means, I'm not going anywhere.

When the bra comes off, it's freedom from restriction that society has on us. In the privacy of our homes and apartments, we are free. We are relaxed and can be ourselves. So men, when the bra comes off please allow us time to get our bearings. Also, if we never put it on for that day, leave us alone. Blessings.

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