"Vent Room"! Why is Ignorance and negativity rewarded in our society?

Daily, you can see negative things happening in our society. It seems that people get a kick at watching people fight or other ignorant things on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and etc. While others care about which Star got a haircut than society issues like unemployment, education and health issues. Why are people today becoming dumb down to be accepted. I don't need to show a picture to tell you how I feel. I can communicate that to you. Even with texting, we cut words to nothing. For the longest, I didn't know what "SMH" meant. Honestly, I still don't. However, we are changing the dictionary to the point that it will show pictures than words one day.

It bothers me that society praises stupidity. There are children and people creating things to better our culture and world, but you rather see the dress that changes colors. To me, it was blue. We are visually witnessing people expressing negativity with race/police issues, transgender issues and even the presidential race to name a few. The fear and anger we have is getting posted and it's causing mass hysteria. We Like it or Unlike it which doesn't give your true opinion. God gave us all common sense which is not being used.

At the end of Spike Lee's movie "School Daze", the actor told everyone to wake up. He yelled it for the entire school to hear. We the people need to wake up. We need to see what's truly going on. Let's cheer for the positive things happening and not accept anything less. For if we continue to accept less, don't be surprise if that's all that is given to you.

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