The best revenge is none. "That's Natalie!" outlook on just keep it moving.

The definition of revenge is as follows: the action of inflicting hurt or harm on someone for an injury or wrong suffered at their hands. Now, that's the noun version. Whatever version it may be, we have all been hurt or harm by someone we may or may not have known. You feel damaged because someone you trusted hurt you to the core. Then, you start thinking of ways to get back at them. Man, you could possible write a book on all the things you could do to that person. However, the one thing you don't do is walk away. Wow! That's the last thing on your mind, but maybe it should be the first.

There are television shows and movies on how to strike revenge on someone. The list is overwhelming from setting someone up, lying on them to others, or just trying to destroy them. However, once the smoke clears, what now? Will it change what happened? Will it start a chain of revenge that causes a back and forth battle? Or can you cut it at the source? I have had others do things to me that hurt me to the core. However, I learned that if you keep it moving, the power of the person that harm you is destroyed. Yes, why give up your power to someone that doesn't deserve it in the first place. I have pissed more people off by just moving on with my life than using time to harm them. It works! I will tell you how.

There are numerous reasons why a person may try to hurt you. It could be envy/jealous or the well-known factor, "crazy as hell." Whatever the person may be, they may take the time to mess you up. I will give you an example. Let's say you had an ex boyfriend or girlfriend that tries to make you look bad. We all had one. You moved on and have a new person in your life. You are happy and the ex cannot stand it. The ex will use Facebook, word of mouth, or other factors to make you look crazy. Now, the human side is to lower yourself to their level. However, you can do something even better. Keep it moving. Yes, keep it move. I say this because there's a science to this. 1st, everyone already knew that your ex was crazy in the first place. So, they are just happy you're not with them anymore. 2nd, If you are happy, why go backward and entertain crazy. 3rd, no energy given will kill energy. For example, if you cut the oxygen source to fire, it dies. So, if you cut the source of the problem by moving on, it will die. No one has time for mess and they will know that the power they had is no longer there.

Lastly, Karma is their mirror. What I mean by this is that everyone will see and tell the other person, that you are happy. You don't have to do anything. Even with Facebook, they will see your happiness because the friend of a friend will have your picture with a Chucky-cheese smile. The greatest gift is peace. I truly believe in Karma and I love peace. So as long as I get to experience it, I'm not going to let anyone mess it up. So the best revenge is none. It truly takes practice, but it's doable. Don't let anyone take your power, and keep it moving.

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