Don't give up! "That's Natalie!" view on perseverance

We all at one point in our lives wanted to throw in the towel. Then, put lighter fluid on it and watch that baby burn! Yes, that's how we feel when we go through a trial in life. It's tiresome and painful. Sometimes, you feel like you're all alone. It's frustrating and you want the pain to end. Trials in life are not easy, but the worst thing is to give up. My mom would tell me that life is like bicycling through hell. If you stop, your ass will get burnt. Now, that's a heck of a burn. The main thing she was trying to convey is to not give up. This blog is dedicated to people that are on the brink of giving up. I encourage you to keep going.

Life is something. Some of us were born in an easy life and others in a hard-knock life. Regardless of the start of it, doesn't foretell how your future will be. We all have "Free Will" to make the choices of our directions. Some had guidance early on; while others may had to fend for themselves. The main factor in the journey we call life is to never give up in the tough times. It's hard to guess the time frame of our sufferings. It could be for a moment or a lifetime. The main factor is to focus on the concept that it will be over once the lesson is learned. Yes, every trial has a lesson. Lord knows, I don't want to go back to school, but we are incurring knowledge daily.

I was brought up in a God based household. This is my strength. Throughout the U.S., we are a country of numerous religions and faiths. My belief is if you believe in something that brings you peace and causes no pain to others, I'm all for it. There are bible verses on the premise of not giving up. Even Confucius has numerous quotes on not giving up. Here is one of them: It's does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop. This is just one example. In all the faiths on earth, all of them have a quote or message to all to never give up if things are difficult.

In conclusion, don't give up. We all seen signs and quotes in all medias that's main focus is to remind us that we are not alone in our trials. There is no discrimination because we have all gone through something. The common denominator is to not give up. If you are broke, you will get money soon. If you are going to school, you will graduate in due time. Just don't steal the money or dropout of school. Stay the course and everything will turn in your favor in due time.

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