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I am guilty of doing this, but I stop this process a long time ago. When I was living down South, I literally had to remove some of my degrees to get employment. I'm probably not alone in this practice, but it got me nowhere. I did get me a job, but my man told me what it really meant:




Yes, my hiding my degrees kept me from achieving goals to live an above normal life. As I matured, I proudly display my accomplishments, however, society has an issue for people that are smart. We are embedded to be educated since childhood to become adults that are unable to gain employment if there are "too smart" or "over-qualified". Or the fear of employers having to pay more for intelligence. Then why waste time and money in improving our knowledge. It's sad, but true.

When you hear people regret in getting their degrees, that's a bad sign. I wasn't that bright growing up. I wasn't stupid either, but I wanted more out of life. By the time I was in 6th grade, I knew I wanted to go to college. I was blessed to have an older sister that showed me a way out of Ohio and my parents house. I was planning my escape and it was going to be through education. Education was my ticket and I worked my butt off the best way possible. I wasn't an honor student or even close, but I had determination and perseverance. When I started my Senior year of High School, I already had an early acceptance to the University of my choice, Alabama A&M University.

There are people out here that are proud of their degrees and knowledge, but are not able to fully expose it. Now, if you are a professional: Doctor, Scientist, Educator, Lawyers and etc, you are fine. You are expected to have the expertise and knowledge in your field. However, others are not so lucky. We're crabs in a barrel trying to get to the top regardless on what it takes or who we hurt. Society has changed from "we" to "I" over the decades. The "My brother or sister keeper' is over and done with. So to adapt, we have to adjust. Even if that means to lower your standards or educational knowledge.

It's a harsh reality, but has become a new normal. I saw something on Facebook about Hip Hop on Mumble Rappers. I grew up in the 80's and 90's, and Hip Hop was about spitting knowledge on what was going on in society. Now, I can't even understand what the heck they are saying? I'm the only one in the room having to guess or fill in the blank on what they are saying. However, don't dumb down for anything. Be proud of who you are. I love the Big bang Theory and museums. Enjoy stimulating your mind and never be ashamed of it.

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