Blogs of Encouragements and keeping it Real on the way! From "That's Natalie!"

As Summer ending, we all are approaching Fall and colder weather to come. As Seasons change, so does life and other things around us. Nothing stays the same. So, I will continue to encourage and stay true to my words and experiences to help others. I have been blessed that things are moving in and out of my life. So, this is not a time to stop telling others that you are not alone in your journeys in life.

I have so many stories to make you laugh, sad and mostly think. I love to think because I'm an Aquarius, but I love to be challenged mentally. I do have my moments when I rather just take a nap or watch shows I know to rest my mind. However, I want to continue to exercise my muscle in my head. So as I do mine, I will keep expressing this to others as well.

In conclusion, I have a lot of things to tell you all. This life is short and long. It's short if you don't do nothing important, but long if you don't do anything important. The main focus is do something. Love, express, accomplish, achieve, but live. Hear the birds, take a deep breath, enjoys others and accept yourself. Look for more blogs to come from "That's Natalie!" Blessings.

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