Silence is a gift. "That's Natalie" on the positive side of being quiet.

As I get older, I realize the joy of silence. It's peaceful and you actually can hear things around you. I sit with my widow wide open and listen to the beautiful symphony of whatever is out there. I know that one day my silence will be altered, but I learned that you have to make time to enjoy it's power and peace. It's funny how some people don't like quietness and will literally make noise. I'm sorry, but you're crazy. I will explain the benefits of the sound of silence.

When I was younger, I would turn up the music in my parents' house and even my own house. I love music and I would blast it as loud as I could. Then, things were starting to happen in my life and any noise was becoming irritating to me. Noise was getting on my nerves. I remembered when I was a child, my grandmother would tell me to sit in a quiet place. I didn't want to at that time because I wanted to be where the action was. Loud was the place to be. However, the loud noises were becoming distractions. So I remembered being in my studio apartment with the noise off and I heard something for the first time, silence. It said so much without saying a word. However, I had to learn how to turn my mind off because it was full of noise too. Over time, I mastered the craft of being in its presence without bringing my own noise to it.

Silence is peace. It allows you to hear calmness. It allows you to think without being rush or feeling overwhelmed. It's a gift from the Creator that gives you full communication without even speaking. Even if you have children, pets, a family, you can still have silence. It may be a little more challenging, but seek and you shall find. It doesn't have to be long at all. Five to thirty minutes once a day or week. You deserve to experience the comfort of its joy.

Whenever you have a moment, sit or go somewhere that's silent. If someone asks to go with you just say, "I'm going somewhere silent". I guarantee no one will want to go especially kids or teenagers. Because they love noise. Once you get there, sit and close your eyes. Man, happy, happy, joy, joy! Remember to always take time for quietness and it will restore your peace.

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