Let it go! "That's Natalie!" on learning to just let it go! Why keep holding on?

When I look at the show, "Hoarders", I wonder why do these people hold on to things. Sometimes it could be for sentimental reasons, memories and etc. In my opinion, why hold on to something that is not giving you any reason to keep it? Why hold on to past situations or people that are not even in your presence anymore? On the Waiting to Exhale soundtrack, there's a song called "Let go, let it flow, let it go". However, we keep holding on to pain, situations, memories and people that has left our lives. For what? To continue to be pissed?

Look, I understand that things happens. Everyone on this earth has been through, came out of, or currently going through something. We wouldn't be human if we didn't. However, we have a choice to continue to harbor the pain or let it go to continue to move forward. I see posts of men talking about women holding on to past situations and vice versa on social media like a trend. I experienced past relationships that were OK or bad in my past, and I learned to let it remain there. Now, we should use our experiences as references to avoid repeating the same mistakes, but you should never compare them because you will never heal. Healing is apart of letting things go. If you don't heal, it's like reopening a wound over and over again. It will never heal and possibly get worse.

Letting things go is the ultimate level of knowing that you are over it mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. It will just be a memory that you experienced, but you wouldn't be involved anymore. Lets say you went through a divorce. It's not easy to forgive someone that promise to love, honor and cherish you in front of God, family and friends; then they tried to destroy you. However, you have to forgive for yourself whatever that person may or may not did for you. Letting go is a way of releasing the pain and allowing you to move forward to something greater. When you do this, the Universe will open up for you.

In conclusion, it's forgiveness to your soul. A lot of the time, we hold on to things because we blame ourselves for allowing it to happen. Know that you are not alone. We all made mistakes. There's no one perfect person on this earth. And if you may know one, they may have the most crap trying to hide their issues from everyone. Take heart that releasing the past pain and guilt will allow you to move forward to receive what you are promised. Let go! Let it flow!

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