Vent Room! Why do people assume! "That's Natalie" on looking like an A**!

With the current situation of the Black female doctor being looked over in saving a life from a flight attendant that assumed that she wasn't a doctor made me realized that people are dumb. Throughout my life, people have assumed things about me. Its sad that people have already made a judgement on you due to your race, sex, belief, gender, sexual orientation or etc. Before you can say or prove anything to someone, they have already told you who you are. For real? People need to step out of the box and realize that everyone is different, skilled and intelligent. Plus, when you assume, you just look like an A** .

I will give a personal example. I had a position that I did some writing. It wasn't reports, or something big, but a sentence or two in describing somethings. I thought I did my best, but I guessed wrong. Once I was released, I told them I was in the works in publishing my first book. They were surprised, but I wasn't because I knew that they have already made a judgement call on me. Looking back, I'm happy it happened because I wouldn't be writing my blogs, traveling to book events and publishing more books. Their assumption only allowed me to use them as characters in my future stories. Ha Ha

It's sad that people already make judgement calls on others prior to showing who they really are. It's wrong, but it's normal in our society. Sometimes assuming can be used for good as well. I use it as a sense of you underestimating me. That motivates me to do better. I don't believe in trying to prove yourself to anyone. We're not created to show others who we are, but to accept who we are. People who doubt or assume out of fear are just ignorant. Fear keeps people in a box that only allows them to expand mentally and emotionally in a close proximity.

My sister is a doctor. She's a dentist. Before I end this, I will educate you a little. All doctors, prior to them entering their specialty, have to learn the basics. Years ago, I visited my sister while she was in the first year of medical school. One night, she wanted me to go with her to school and I didn't want her to go alone. She gave me some scrubs and we headed over there. Once we arrived, we headed down to a basement in a room full of medial cadavers. I freaked out, but she was calm as could be. She told me that all medical students had to work on the bodies. On that day, I decided to go into the business field. Long story short, stop assuming because in the end the only person that looks dumb is the one who does it.

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