Mistakes are a part of getting better. "That's Natalie" on being ok with not being per

I was talking to my mom about my essay for Graduate School. I was nervous that I wouldn't do well. I asked my mom to help me edit my work, but she said something that made me think. "Natalie, you need to make the mistakes to do better. That's why you're going to school for anyway." When I hear this; it made me realized that I don't need to be perfect. The reason why I'm taking the program is to increase my writing skills. The reality is that we try our best to be perfect instead of making mistakes. Mistakes are a part of life which makes us better. So why do we run from them?

A great example is riding a bike. Majority of us had the opportunity of learning how to ride one. The only thing we hated the most was falling off. It hurt and if you experienced it too much; you felt like giving up. In the beginning, you had training wheels put on which made the ride easy. Then that day came when they took them off. I thought my dad just using one hand holding me wasn't going to work. However, my dad said, "You have to practice to get better". After a few falls, I was great at riding my bike. Although I haven't ridden one in years, I know I can get back on with a little practice and do fine.

My opinion on mistakes are like some, you really don't want to make any. So many people judge you if you make one. However, there is no perfect person on this planet. We all made mistakes. Even the ones who act like they never had are the ones that probably made the most. Mistakes are learning indicators that guides you in not repeating it again. Now, if you keep making the same ones, you may need help or there may be something wrong. The main thing is to learn and move forward.

In conclusion, Mistakes will not destroy you or make you seem weak. These teaching tools make you better which is good. If you see someone make the same mistake you did, tell them. That's shows the person that you're not alone. No one is perfect and with a little practice, you will get better.

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