More Blogs to come in 2017

Greetings. I have truly enjoyed bringing my views to everyone. It has been a learning experience for me. Life is a continuous cycle that brings joy, pain, learning and anything else that comes. As we all take this journey, I'm happy that I may have brought some insight or even a laugh to someone. Life is a one time trip that allows you to learn as you go, but don't waste your time on repeats.

As 2016 comes to a close, I reflect on a lot of things that has happened to me. It was painful, eye opening, joyful, fun and all other emotions wrapped in one. I know that 2017 will bring new opportunities and hopefully, something better for myself and everyone else. As we all close the chapter and open a new one remember to reflect, but not repeat some of the experiences that came to past.

2017 is only a few weeks away and I hope everyone can brush off the past and embrace what is coming. I'm excited about new blogs and may be revisiting some old one, but with a twist. I know a lot of us are scare about what is behind the door, but always remember that fear is just knowledge untapped. Once you open your mind, fear will flee. Blessings and peace to everyone!

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