Am I my sister's keeper? Yes I am. "That's Natalie" view on the Women March

Yesterday was a phenomenal event. Over the entire United States and London, millions of people participated in the Women March. This event that supported women, as well as other views, played out over the media as a symphony of peaceful protest over the government and the changes that need to be made. It made me realized that for one day, all races, religions, sexes and etc were able to come together peacefully in hope of a change. It amazed me because in a country with so much diversity; we successful came together as one.

I don't like to discuss political issues, but with the current situation in hand something has to change. I'm an Afro-American woman that was born and raised in Ohio. I have two things against me, I'm black and a woman. I fear having a son that could be killed not because of what he does, but who he is. I have to work harder because I'm a woman that will automatically be paid less regardless of my degrees and experiences. Then, I have a government that wants to control my own body and the choices I make for it. This upsets me and, I'm not alone. There are others like me fighting for something better to obtain freedom and peace during this lifetime.

I love the congregation of all women and men that came to support the movement. Everyone had different agendas, but the main one, in my opinion, was respect. Women, throughout history, have been fighters. In a society that shows us in a sexual light or disrespecting each other, this march shows us that we are our sister's keeper. From the famous to the blue collar, we all stood for the cause yesterday.

I pray that we continue to prove society wrong. We are not sex objects, Bitches or Hoes, or fight our own sister. We are women that want more and deserve it. We are far from weak or unaware of things in life. We live and love beyond ourselves. We are soldiers, mothers, sisters, CEO, steelworkers, doctors, lawyers, writers and so on. We need to continue to fight for the cause. We need to show everyone or thing that we control our own mind, body and spirit. Regardless of race, religion, culture or beliefs, we are women. We are our sister's keeper.

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