Chaos "Or" Crazy

ISBN:  978-1530350445

Maya knew that this was going to be her last homecoming. However, she  didn’t know or expect that this homecoming would be the craziest and/or chaotic one of all. Maya has always been  the peacemaker in the group, but, this weekend may even test her sanity.

Through it all, Maya and her friends will experience how crazy things can get which could challenge or destroy their friendship.

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 Storytelling in the Blood  Natalie R. Arnold- Author

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A binder. To many it holds papers. To Jaya, it holds the reasons and answers to why her mother did what she did. Was it love or hate? However, piece by piece, she will discover the truth to bring closure to her soul.  Although, her love ones warn her, is it worth losing a lot to gain a little peace?

Currently being Revised and will be relaunch in TBD 2021

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